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Following the acquisition of Awnaba Software by Adaptavist. All documentation for Project Configurator has moved to the Adaptavist Documentation Confluence Instance's Project Configurator Documentation site. Please be sure to update your bookmarks.


Users without email addresses are supported. This means a user without email address will be correctly exported (or loaded if necessary) but if the user has an email address, it has to be valid. If you expect problems due to users with invalid email addresses, you can request the exporter to ignore these users or even to skip export of all users,as explained here.

Custom fields without their plugin


  • If some of the objects which will be exported have names with leading or trailing whitespace, as in "My workflow scheme "
  • If the name differs from names for other objects of the same kind only in the case of letters (for example issue type "Sub-task" vs "Sub-Task") or in surrounding whitespace (as in "My workflow scheme " vs "My workflow scheme")

If your JIRA Jira instance has objects like these, it is a good idea to rename them.

If troubles persist...

Request support by any of the channels described in our support and documentation page. We will be very glad to help!