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Table of Contents



Import project configurations from an XML file


After clicking on the link named "Import project configuration" the following page will appear:


Clicking on the button to the right of the text field, allows you to select the XML file you want to load with the project configuration.


  • Users
  • Groups
  • Project roles
  • Priorities
  • Resolutions
  • Statuses
  • Event types
  • Categories
  • Issue types
  • Issue type schemes
  • Custom fields
  • Field configurations
  • Field configuration schemes
  • Screens
  • Screen schemes
  • Issue type screen schemes
  • Workflows
  • Workflow layouts
  • Workflow schemes
  • Permission schemes
  • Notification schemes
  • Issue security schemes
  • Filters
  • System dashboard
  • All dashboards


  • Scrum and Kanban boards


This option can lead to load errors, if creation of an object that is necessary for another object's configuration is skipped. For example, suppose the configuration file contains screen "A" which does not exist in the target, and it also contains workflow "B" which uses screen "A". If load of screens is skipped, when the plugin tries to load workflow "B" it will fail as screen "A" does not exist.

So, use this option with care!