How to export configurations (versions 1.11 and earlier)


The use of this plugin is restricted to system administrators in JIRA.

Export a project configuration to XML

Go to "Administration" and to the chosen project summary page, and click on the tab called "Export configuration" or "Filter unused CF".


There are three options for exporting configurations (new feature since version 1.1.0):

  • "Export configuration": exports all objects that are referenced directly or indirectly from the project configuration. As any field configuration in JIRA contains all fields defined in the instance, in practical terms this means all custom fields will be included in the exported file.
  • "Filter unused CF": in this case the plugin will not include in the export file custom fields that are not used by this project. The plugin will select to export only those custom fields that are used by this project (or all of them, see next section). The criteria to decide if a custom field is "used by" a project is explained in Filtering unused custom fields.
  • "Advanced export" to set additional options for the exporting process. You can find the details at Advanced export options.

Your browser will inmediately download the XML file with the project configuration. It will usually show a message asking if you want to save or open the created XML file.

Exporting configuration of all projects

This feature is available since version 1.2.0-J5 and 1.2.0-J6 of the plugin

It is possible to export the configuration of all the projects in the instance of JIRA.

Go to the plugins menu (in JIRA 5.X) or to the add-on administration page. In the menu, in the section for "PROJECT CONFIGURATION" there is an entry labeled "Export all projects". Clicking on this link will take you to the advanced export page. After selecting desired export options,  click the button and the plugin will create a XML file that contains the configuration of all porjects in this JIRA instance.

Take into account that the plugin will find and export configuration for each and every project in the instance. This means that objects which are not used by any project will not be included in the export. For example, a permission scheme, if not used by any project, would not be exported.


Errors when exporting

If the plugin finds any error trying to export the configuration, instead of downloading the XML file, your browser will go to an error page like the one shown below.

The information shown in this page is:

  • The message "An error occurred:", followed by a message that describes the error, and a link to a wiki page with helpful information on export errors.
  • Another message detailing the object that caused the error (location). This message is formed by a set of objects enclosed within square brackets, that point to the objects that were being exported when the error happened. In the example, the error happened when trying to export a group called "Group-B", used in workflow "Workflow-B". This workflow was used in workflow scheme "Workflow Scheme-B", used by project with key "PB"
  • Finally, the stack trace of the error.

In Most frequent errors found while exporting configurations you can find information about the most frequent causes of export errors.