Version 1.2.0: Compatibility with XML configuration files exported by version 1.1.3 and earlier

Version 1.2.0, has changed the structure of XML configuration files exported by the plugin. This was necessary in order to implement PCP-123 and specially PCP-149.

Nevertheless, the plugin maintains backward compatibility and it is able to load both files with the new (v1.2.0) and old formats (v1.1.3 and earlier).

There is only one exception: if you have XML files exported by v1.1.3 or earlier that contain workflows with the post-function to "Update Blocked Issues". This post-function is defined in a predefined script in Script Runner Plugin. In this case, the file will not load with version 1.2.0 of the plugin.

If you want to fix a file in this situation to have it loaded with new versions of the plugin, it is quite easy to do it:

  • Find in the XML file a line with an arg of name "READABLE_LINK_TYPE_WITH_DIRECTION" like:
<arg name="READABLE_LINK_TYPE_WITH_DIRECTION">blocks outward</arg>
  • Replace the whitespace between the name of the link and its direction with a double colon, as in:
<arg name="READABLE_LINK_TYPE_WITH_DIRECTION">blocks::outward</arg>

Save the XML file and you are ready to go!