Supported types of objects

The plugin is able to export and load these types of objects in JIRA.

Configuration only

If exporting or importing only the configuration of projects, the following list of objects can be handled:

Global objects

  • Issue Type
  • Issue Type Scheme
  • Custom field (including its configuration schemes)
  • Workflow scheme
  • Workflow
  • Screen Scheme
  • Screens
  • Issue Type Screen Scheme
  • Field Configuration Scheme
  • FIeld Configuration
  • Event Types
  • Status
  • Resolution
  • Priority
  • Issue link types (since version 1.0.8)
  • Project role
  • PermissionScheme
  • Notification Scheme
  • Issue Security Scheme
  • Group
  • User
  • Category
  • Filter (since version 1.4)
  • Dashboard (since version 1.5)
  • Agile boards: Scrum and Kanban (since version 2.1.0)

Project-specific objects

  • Components
  • Versions
  • Members of project roles in the project

Complete projects

If exporting or exporting complete projects (i,e, their configuration, data and attachments), the following object types will be handled, in addition to the previous list of configuration objects:

  • Issues, including all their parts like:
    • Comments
    • Worklogs
    • Change history
    • ...
  • Attachments
  • Issue links

Only on JIRA 7, if the source data contains sprint and ranking information (JIRA Software) this will be transferred too.