Project Configurator cookbook

Following the acquisition of Awnaba Software by Adaptavist. All documentation for Project Configurator has moved to the Adaptavist Documentation Confluence Instance. Please be sure to update your bookmarks.


This section is currently being built. As such, there may be content which is not complete or accurate. Any comment or contribution will be very welcome!


The main uses of this plugin are:

  • Moving projects to another instance.
  • Transferring the configuration of projects between instances of JIRA, as you would do typically to upgrade a production instance with changes made in a test or development instance.

Nonetheless, there are other possible uses like:

  • Version control of configurations
  • Changing the project configuration by editing the XML file. Editing the XML file and loading it to JIRA might be an alternative way to customise a project. However, these modifications must be made very carefully, as they might result in inconsistent XML files, that would probably cause errors when loaded into JIRA, or configurations that are not properly supported by JIRA.
  • Recovering a project's configuration from a backup but not its data (that is, leave current data intact ! )

In the following pages all these use cases are discussed and a process outlined for each one: