Notes on the upgrade to JIRA 7

What is it?

Starting with version 1.8-J7 there is a version of Project Configurator compatible with JIRA 7.

There will be two parallel lines of versions for the plugin: one of them for JIRA 7 (XXX-J7) and the other compatible with JIRA 6 (XXX-J6). All of them are available at the Marketplace, in the Version History tab. Currently, both lines are functionally equivalent, except for the differences explained below. This means that the version for JIRA 7 does not support configuration items specific of JIRA Software or JIRA Service Desk, like Kanban or Scrum boards or SLA's.

Differences with the version for JIRA 6

There are some minor differences in the behaviour of the version for JIRA 7, with respect to the versions for JIRA 6.

Project Types

"Project types" have been introduced in JIRA 7. Project Configurator is able to export the project type associated to a project. It will also create the project with that project type during the import. In this case it is necessary that the project type exists previously in the destination, which depends in turn on the right application (JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk) being enabled.

Modifying the project type of a project that already exists in the destination instance is not supported now.

If you try to import into JIRA 7 a configuration file exported from JIRA 6.X or earlier (yes, this is possible (smile)) new projects will be assigned a default type by the plugin. This type will be "software", unless that type is not available in the destination. In that case it will be "business".

Compatibility with JIRA 6 configurations

As mentioned before, it is possible to export a configuration from an instance running JIRA 6.X and import that XML file into a JIRA 7 instance. This does not require any special action. If you need to move configurations from JIRA 7 to  JIRA 6, this page explains how to do it.

Either way, each instance must have installed a plugin version which is compatible with its JIRA version, as explained above.

Users without email can be rejected when importing

Due to a change in JIRA which is now stricter regarding validation of users.

The lead user for a project will be set with the rest of "Project changes"

This means that if you choose to skip "Project changes" when importing, new projects will be left with a default lead user which is the user running the import.

Some permisssions exist or not depending on the application

In JIRA 7 some permissions are application specific, like "View Development Tools" or "Service Desk Agent". If its application is not enabled, the permission will not be available. If the plugin detects that it has to grant an unavailable permission during import, it will skip it and issue a warning like:

WARN  12:59:45,429 Permission identified by VIEW_DEV_TOOLS does not exist. Cannot give it to project role Developers

Avatars for issue types

These are not supported now for export or import. If the plugin detects that an existing issue type has an avatar, it will not try to modify its icon URL.