Export results

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Successful export.

If exporting only configuration, the created XML configuration file is downloaded immediately to your browser. Most browsers will offer the options of opening it or storing it in the local computer.

If exporting complete projects (i.e. configuration, data and attachments) the export will create a .zip file that will be left in the folder JIRA_HOME/export/projectconfigurator. You will see a page like this with a summary of the export:

The "Export summary" shows the steps performed during the export, with details of the number of attachment files found for each project. Notice that at the end of the summary, the full path for the created .zip file is shown.

Errors when exporting

If the plugin finds any error trying to export the configuration, instead of downloading the XML file or generating the zip file, your browser will go to an error page like the ones shown below, depending on the number of errors found, For a single error:

On the other hand, if the export found more than one error, you will see a page like this:

The information shown in these pages is:

  • A message informing that errors were found.
  • A description of the errors found.
  • A description of the path that the plugin has followed until the object where the error has been found. The last element in that path is the closest to the point where the error happened, so it is the most interesting one regarding a possible fix for that problem. Each element is described by its entity type: "Workflow" followed by a string that identifies it, which is usually its name: "Workflow-B". For a single problem, this path is shown in the "Location" box. For several errors, each error is reported as one item of a list. The first part of each item describes the path to the object where the error was found, followed by a description of the error.

In the first example above:

  • The kind of problem: This instance of JIRA does not have a custom field with id=10101.
  • Point where it happened: A reference to a custom field with id=10101 in workflow "New service workflow", which is used by workflow scheme "Scheme for Secundus", which is used by a project with key "SEG". Obviously, this project must be one of the projects selected for export.

In the first error reported in the second example:

  • The kind of problem: there is not a group called "Grupo-B" in the instance.
  • Point where it happened: A reference to a group called "Grupo-B" within workflow "Workflow-B". In turn, this workflow is used by scheme "Workflow Scheme-C", which is used by a project with key "PC".

Finally, and in cases where a single error is found and it is an unexpected error, its stack trace will also be shown in the error page.

In Most frequent errors found while exporting configurations you can find information about the most frequent causes of export errors.

The "Back" button returns to the Select export options page. This way, it is possible to change the export parameters and retry the export.