Moving a project to another JIRA instance

Since Project Configurator 2.0 this task has been much simplified. The steps to follow are:

  1. At the source instance, select the option "Export selected projects", from the left menu at the add-on page.
  2. In the next page select the projects you want to move and select the option to export "Configuration and data". Click "Next".
  3. In the next page, select other export options relative to export of users, groups, filters, dashboards or custom fields. Click "Export complete project".
  4. Project Configurator will generate an export file in the projectconfigurator subfolder of the JIRA_HOME/export folder of the installation (the export result page will tell you exactly the location of this file). This may take some time, depending on the size of the exported projects.
  5. Copy that file to a subfolder called projectconfigurator within the JIRA_HOME/import folder of the target instance (create the subfolder if it does not exist).
  6. Log into the target instance, go to the left menu at the add-on page and click the entry "Import complete project".
  7. In the next page, enter into the text box "Project File" the name of the file you copied in step 5 (include the ".zip" extension). Select other import options if you need them. Click the button "Import complete project" at the bottom.
  8. Wait until the import finishes (it wil last more or less depending on the volume of data and configuration to import)

That's all! Now the target instance contains the projects selected in step 2, including all their issues, activity, worklogs, attachments, etc.