Licensing and configuration

Following the acquisition of Awnaba Software by Adaptavist. All documentation for Project Configurator has moved to the Adaptavist Documentation Confluence Instance. Please be sure to update your bookmarks.

In this version the plugin does not have any configurable setting.

The license system is the standard for Paid-via-Atlassian plugin. Licenses can be installed and managed using the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) in your JIRA instance, as explained below.

Inside the UPM, you can install a commercial or evaluation version of Project Configurator for JIRA directly from the Marketplace. Follow the instructions here. You only have to search by "Project Configurator" and then select "Buy now" or "Free trial" on the entry for Project Configurator for JIRA.

License management, if Project Configurator for JIRA is already installed, is carried out directly at the plugin list, as shown in the next image. You can easily enter a new license key, just paste it into the "License key:" window and click "Update". The same options as before "Free trial" and "Buy now" are also available. See more information in this page.

No license is required for exporting, either "configuration only" or "configuration and data".

Evaluation or trial licenses are fully functional, with the only exception that they will not permit running a real import into a JIRA production instance. They can be used to run a simulated import in any instance of JIRA, or any import operation, simulated or real, on a development or test instance of JIRA.