"Used by" report

What is it?

This report is a new feature available in Project Configurator v2.2.0 or newer.

This report will show you, for all objects that are directly or indirectly part of the configuration of any project in your instance, where they are being used or referenced by other configuration objects. For example, you may need to know:

  • If custom field "Technology" is used in any workflow
  • What is the relation between a custom field and a project
  • Where a group is referenced, including role members, permissions, issue security schemes, workflows, etc.

The "Used by" report provides a quick answer to questions like these.

How to use it?

The "Used by" report can be launched from the same menu where you can export and import projects.

When that link is clicked, the user will see a page with a progress bar. When the report generation is over, it will be shown in the next page. Analysed objects are grouped into tabs according to their type, for easier navigation.

When an object appears as a link, clicking it will change the current tab to the clicked object tab and the page will scroll to its position, if necessary. Clicking in these report links allow us to easily navigate and track long chains of object dependencies. For example, clicking on any of the links above for workflow objects will take us to the "Workflow" tab, as seen below:

When a referencing object appears more than once, as in the example below where screen scheme "Conflictive Screenscheme" appears twice under "Conflictive Screen", this means that the referencing object contains more than one reference to the used object. In this example, screen scheme "Conflictive Screenscheme" uses screen "Conflictive Screen" in two different places (maybe for operations "edit" and "create").

Same example report - Screen tab


  • "Inactive" objects (those that are not used by any project, for example, inactive workflows or workflow schemes) are ignored. They will not be considered as objects that use or are being used by other objects.
  • Projects will never be shown as used by other objects. This is not true in all cases in JIRA, but in most practical cases it is convenient to treat projects as the "roots" of the configuration, i.e. the objects where one can start looking for the rest of configuration objects that are being used. 
  • Currently filters, dashboards or Agile boards (either Scrum or Kanban) are not included in the analysis of dependencies. This means that:
    • none of these objects (filters, dashboards, boards) will be shown as using other object
    • objects (for example a custom field) that are used only by filters, dashboards or Agile boards will not be included in the report